The Delaware Valley Intelligence Center (DVIC) is a 24/7 all-hazards, all-crime, information and intelligence collection, analysis, and dissemination facility. Staffed by member agencies, the Center’s mission is to support and enhance public safety operations in the four-state Delaware Valley Region.

DVIC performs the role of a regional Fusion Center. The Center supports and enhances the activities of the numerous investigative and operational bodies currently functioning in these states by enabling them to have the best available information and assessments of that information.

Using an ‘All Crimes Model’ that supports the migration, processing, and integration of data from a myriad of loosely federated sources, the DVIC develops actionable intelligence and traffics it to the right people in a timely fashion so that it can be used against designated adversaries with assurance.

The Philadelphia Area Regional Transit Working Group (PARTSWG) and the transit police are working partners in the DVIC initiative. DVIC is supported by more than 28 regional and national safety and homeland security agencies.

For more information on the national network of fusion centers visit the Department of Homeland Security

Local Contact Information (non-emergency)

Delaware Valley Fusion Center:

Delaware Valley Intelligence Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Phone: (215) 686-1547